Vegan Ultra Runner

Can a middle aged, slighty overweight smoker run 50 miles…Did I mention I was vegan?


Sunday 9/30/12  4.02 miles @12:12min/mile: Avg H.R. 135bpm: Rainy and wet. very humid after it stopped raining.Still felt pretty good.  Easy runs scheduled for this week. Start building miles next week. Garmin Data

Saturday 9/29/12 Worked. No run.

Friday 9/28/12 Tempo Run: 1 mile warm-up (HR 120BPM): 3 mile tempo run(HR 140-150 bpm) Avg pace 10:45min/mile Temp low 80s but humid. Couldn’t maintain for 26.2 or 50. Maybe 10k. Garmin Data

Thursday 9/27/12 Worked over for rope rescue training. No run

Wednesday 9/26/12 Work. No run

Tuesday, 9/25/12        6 mile run through neighborhood with Zuzu. Longest run since Azalea Trail run in March. Easy Zone 2 run. Felt really good. Temperature and humidity were nice. Garmin data

Monday, 9/24/12         4 mile run through the neighborhood with Zuzu. Garmin data

Saturday 9/22/12       3 mile trail run at USA. Ran blue trail around the football practice field today. More technical and more climbs. Tougher than the white and yellow trail. Garmin data

5 mile run on 9/21/2012


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