Vegan Ultra Runner

Can a middle aged, slighty overweight smoker run 50 miles…Did I mention I was vegan?


Tuesday 10/30/12  3 miles 30:21 10:03min/mile HR=142bpm Taper week for Senior Bowl run. Garmin Data

Sunday 10/28/12  Fastest 10k. 1:02:30. 10:05min/mile with avg HR=146bpm. Cold and windy. Very doable race pace for next weeks 10k with Parker. Hoping to pace him to an age group placing. Garmin Data

Thursday 10/25/12   3.5 mile tempo run in 38:12; 1/2 mile warm up @12:05 min/mile then 3 miles @10:43min/mile.Avg pace 10:54min/mile. Avg HR=144bpm. Goal is to pace Parker in Senior Bowl 10k. Anything faster than 11:30min/mile will give him a chance to win his age group. Garmin Data

Sunday10/21/12   Easy 10 mile run in zone 2. 2:06:58 pace 12:41min/mile HR=137 Sunny but not too hot nor humid. Felt good until last mile, legs got tired and left knee was a little sore.  Garmin Data

Friday 10/13/12   10min warm-up and then out to run 5k under 30min. 9:23min/mile pace for first mile but couldn’t maintain it. Finished 3 miles, but had to walk most of it. Stick with slow and steady for now, or face posible injury. Garmin Data

Tuesday 10/16/12  Easy 5 miles pushing Zuzu. 11:56 min/mile. HR=134bpm. warm and breezy. not too humid. Felt good.  Garmin Data

Monday 10/15/12  8 mile run pushing Zuzu. time=1:44:56. pace=13:06min/mile. HR=136bpm. First six miles felt good, but struggled with the last 2. Legs felt heavy. Sunny and warm, but humidity not too bad. Garmin Data

Saturday 10/13/12 4 miles at USA trails. Cool morning. Garmin not accurate. 16:49min/mile. HR=130bpm. Garmin Data

Wednesday 10/10/12 10 min warm-up: 1min hard: 2mins easy: repeated 6 times followed by cool-down. Garmin Data

Sunday 10/7/12   8 mile easy run in zone 2. Cloudy,cool and windy. Avg pace=13:21; HR=134bpm. nice run overall. Garmin Data

Saturday 10/6/12   4 mile run pace-12:53min/mile   HR-138bpm. Garmin Data

Tuesday 10/2/12 5 mile easy run. Pace=13:02min/mile HR=126bpm. Sunny and cool. Felt good. Garmin Data



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