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Can a middle aged, slighty overweight smoker run 50 miles…Did I mention I was vegan?

4th in Age Group

Parker, Janet, Rachel and me holding Zuzu in the background.

No not me. The only way I’ll ever win my group is if I live to be 95. Even then there will be some 102 year-old man who will still beat me. My son Parker placed 4th in the under 9 age group at the Dog River Ghost Chase 5k with a time of 27:56. I’m very proud, but also embarrassed to say that his time is faster than any 5k I’ve ever run.

It was a very close finish. By close, I mean he could touch the 3rd place runner at the finish. It was quite a battle, but when I asked what he thought of the finish, he said “I was trying to pass Elvis, and got him at the end”. It was a Halloween run after all. Next week, we have the Senior Bowl 10k, and he says he’s going for the podium.

The kids that ran were all very good runners, even when compared to the adults in the race. The winner of Parker’s group was a 7-year-old boy who finished under 22 minutes. No that’s not a typo. 22 minutes. He was in the top 10 overall. Amazing.

I also need to congratulate my wife, Janet, for running in her first 5k. She finished under 32 minutes. A great time, especially when you consider that it was over and back a steep bridge, with a very cold wind. A tough initiation into running, but she is already figuring out how to run it faster next time.

Congratulations to my family and all the other runners who braved the cold last night.


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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Great job Day family!

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